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7 Tips On How To Start a Window Cleaning Business...

Learning how to start a window cleaning business is not complicated, but it's also not as simple as walking into Home Depot and buying a bucket, some towels, and a few squeegees. Sure you might be able to call yourself a "window cleaner". But will you be successful? So pay attention to the following 7 steps in order to truly succeed in your window cleaning business!

1. Image - In order to grow your window cleaning business properly, you HAVE to create a top quality image. It is essential to your overall success. Too many window cleaners out there look "average".

In other words, most window cleaners show up to do a window cleaning estimate w/o looking like a professional. Put yourself in the shoes of a prospect. Three window cleaners show up to provide them a window cleaning estimate. Only one of them is in company uniform (nice looking polo shirt w/logo) and presents a professional estimate presentation package (references, cover letter, etc.) with a written estimate. Kind of a no-brainer who the prospect will pick to clean their windows, right?

I repeatedly won jobs over my window cleaning competitors by simply doing the above. It's not hard. And here's the best pricing was usually higher than the pricing from my competitors. does having a professional image work? You bet it does!

2. Market - Drive around your area and do some initial research on where you can market your window cleaning service. Look for the subdivisions and neighborhoods where your target market congregates. My target market consisted of generally higher income homeowners and retirement communities. Start off with distributing flyers into these areas. Flyers are inexpensive and generate calls. You can expect about a 1% return, so don't just put out 100 flyers and think that you're done. It doesn't work like that.

3. Market...Again and Again!
- There are many reasons why some window cleaners are more successful than others, but one of the biggest reasons is the fact that successful window cleaners market their window cleaning services again and again and again. You need to REPEAT your marketing efforts to the SAME prospects multiple times. Consistent flyer distributions, postcard mailings, etc. is what will make your window cleaning customer base grow.

For example, the first time someone sees your flyer, they don't believe you and what you're saying in the flyer. They're very skeptical. But the next time they see your flyer, they begin to take notice. The 3rd time they see your flyer, they subconsciously begin to trust you even though they still don't know you from a hill of beans. And that's when they'll call you if they need their windows cleaned. And it gets better and better each time you market to them. Yes, you'll get calls in response to the very first flyer distribution you do, but it won't be as strong as your later distributions.

Important Tip: When I first started marketing my window cleaning services in a particular subdivision, I would do it once every three or four weeks for the first three months. No exceptions! At the end of the three months, you'll be well known in these neighborhoods (the ones you distributed flyers too) and you will have plenty of jobs lined up.

4. Reliability - When you and a customer agree to a job date and time, be prompt. This is basic stuff and I shouldn't even have to mention it, but it's important. And if you're running late, call the customer. No one likes to wait. So it's a great way to make a bad impression by being late. If you do it too many times, you'll see your customer base start dwindling.

This recently happened to one of my students. He didn't put into practice what I'm always preaching about as far as being on time or at least calling if you're running late. It's the unknown that prospects can't stand. So this window cleaner was running a half hour behind. He was supposed to be at a prospect's house at 9am on a Saturday to provide a window cleaning estimate. He got there at 9:30. Because he didn't even so much as call the prospect to let him know that he was running late, the prospect thought he wasn't coming and ended up calling another window cleaner. Lost job. So be reliable!

5. Get Insured - I recently saw a video on youtube where this window cleaner was actually recommending to other window cleaners that they shouldn't get insurance. He went on to say that it's too expensive. That has got to be the dumbest thing I've heard in a long time. It's too expensive to not have insurance. There is too much exposure if you don't have insurance, so why risk it?

And also keep in mind that you can charge more if you're fully insured. So the insurance premiums you pay are actually being paid for by the extra profits that you'll make. At the end of every estimate presentation that I gave to a window cleaning prospect, I said this: Oh by the way <insert their name here>, I'm fully insured and bonded.

6. Be thorough - There are many window cleaners out there who refuse to open up the windows when cleaning 'em. In my opinion these window cleaners are not doing a complete and thorough window cleaning job. A window cleaning service has to consist of cleaning everything, not just the glass. I'm talking about tracks, frames, sills, screens, etc. It makes no sense to have clean glass and leave everything else dirty, right?

7. Communication - The window cleaning business is a repeat business. That's what makes this the perfect business. BUT you have to treat it as such. Don't "forget" about your customers after the job is done and you've made your money. For example, one of the things you should do is always send your customers a "thank you" letter after the job is done.

And another thing that should really be done is the regular sending of greeting cards to your window cleaning customers. Some window cleaners may argue that it's too much work. Maybe it is. But every single time I sent out a bunch of greeting cards to my customers, I walked away with hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars of profit over and above the normal profits that were being generated from regularly scheduled jobs.

The effort of sending a greeting card can 1) result in direct jobs/business from customers. Or 2) perhaps after receiving a greeting card from you, it may jog the memory banks of some customers who remember that one of their friends or neighbors need their windows cleaned. Either way you get a call and make more money. it worth it? If you want to increase your income, it absolutely is.

So there you have it. The above tips are just the tip of the iceberg though. No single article can address all the steps necessary to ensure your success in the window cleaning business, so I recommend that you read How To Start a Window Cleaning Business for a comprehensive step by step approach to starting and building a successful window washing business.

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